Sunday, 3 October 2010

Full Blossom of Paper Earrings

These paper earrings are perfect for brides!
Work last month was completely hectic for me, which became my excuse to procrastinate from my little Etsy store... but my second sale has cheered me up!! My first customer has returned to place another order for the mini envelopes, I'm so thrilled! (I was thinking the other day if she was disappointed by the first sale because I didn't hear from her... I think her revisit to my shop has proved me wrong!)

What do you think of my shop? I really hope things will get better with it, since I'm so much in love with paper gifts and weddings, I hope eventually I can put all my efforts in paper gifts and even... wedding planning!

Okay, so much for now. If you are a lucky girl who has found your Mr Right or you know a bride-to-be, please see if the paper flower earrings match your event! =]

Love, Jann

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